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Believe it or not but anthropologists believe that body odour is our oldest defence mechanism! Before fire and weapons our cavemen forefathers kept predators at bay with nothing but body smell. However, that’s no excuse to smell up a storm today. While deodorants have been around for a while, there’s a growing concern about their ozone depleting side effects. Enter roll on deodorants, the mess-free long lasting way to keep smelling nice without harming the environment.

Here are 5 eco-friendly roll-on deodorants for women:

Tired of ending up with white marks on your blouse? Nivea’s roll-on deodorant ensures no stains, no wastage and a new formula enriched with ocean extracts that leave your pits feeling clean and odour-free for as long as 24 hours. Its effective, gas-free formulation releases fragrance when you need it the most.
Natio ditched Aluminium in its latest formulation for a safer option to use on your skin. Infused with high quality natural ingredients such as Lavender, Rosemary and Clary Sage it heals, revives and refreshes armpits. What’s more, it moisturises and leaves a lingering fragrance.
Use this roll on deodorant after a shower or anywhere on-the-go. Just squeeze to apply the product directly to armpits in a circular motion. Its intense, creamy formula lasts three times longer than normal deos and leaves a lasting scent all day. Cinthol’s Stick screams awesomeness in a tube!
If dermatologically-tested and clinically proven mean a thing or two for you, this roll-on deo is just for you. Not only is it free from alcohol, preservatives and added colour, it works overtime by lasting you all of 48-hours. Better not undermine its faint fresh scent of Aloe. Impressive, right?
This is an antiperspirant roll-on deodorant with delicate cherry extracts. Fresh off the tree from the Luberon region of Southern France, it’s known to change colour every season – white in spring, bright red in summer and pastel green in autumn. With its handy size, delicate rolling ball and exotic scent, you can now carry it in your handbag to smell like exotic cherries all-day long.