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Five sleep myths busted!

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A manic job, taskmaster as a boss, late-night-date-nights with bae, boys’ nightouts aplenty, trainer stalking your every move… exhausting, right? Automatically sending you off to slumberland. Frankly, nothing ought to come in between you and your sleep. It’s sacrosanct. It’s your well-deserved eight-hour refresh button. So sleepyheads, here’s debunking a few myths you ought to know before you hit the sack.

Alcohol helps sleep

This nightcap can help you sleep. Right. It gets you a great deep sleep. Wrong. Making this a habit means wrecking your sleep quality. And disrupted sleep means fatigue the next morning. All you need is to detox by sipping green tea from your favourite cup. Is there a better way to unwind? We think not.

You have insomnia

Now let’s not diagnose ourselves with a complex sleep disorder. When your head is swimming with thoughts and your Instagram with new updates, of course you’re having some good old-fashioned trouble dozing off. DISCONNECT! I mean we know this can be tricky, give a few drops of Lavender essential oil a chance. A little goes a long way, trust us.

If you wake up in the middle of
the night, you must stimulate
yourself to sleep again.

Time to burst this myth now. If you don’t sleep back in fifteen minutes, do not force. Treat yourself to a refreshing face mask, read your favourite book or keep your earplugs handy. What. Ever. Comes. Naturally. And hey, if you think your mattress isn’t at par, it might be time to make a big investment.

Snoozing gives you more sleep time

Firstly, more sleep is not better sleep. And hard to break it to you but snoozing your alarm will make you either lethargic or zombie-like for the rest of the day. We presume you fancy none? So drag yourself out of bed, wash your face and get going – like now.
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You can catch up on lost (snooze)
time eventually

Next time you push yourself a little longer on a Friday night, know that hibernating next morning will not help. Sure your siesta can last longer than usual in the AM, but that cannot possibly be traded for your regular sleep cycle. Ever wondered why you wake up feeling that much more drowsy? Well now you know.
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