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Men need moisturizers too

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Between the boardroom, air conditioned hotel rooms, long flights and pollution-filled days on the move, no wonder your skin gets; dry and flaky. Though male skin tends to have a higher concentration of elastin and collagen than women’s, daily shaving can irritate skin, drying it out. Moisturizing isn’t just for girls. In fact, figuring out—and using—the right moisture replenishing face wash and skin creams on a regular basis can keep you looking young for longer. There’s enough research to suggest that moisturizing formulas promote hydration, skin cell regeneration, healing, and prevent sun damage that causes premature wrinkles, fine lines, and even skin cancer.
But first, figure out your skin type…
If you happen to be one of those guys who furtively slathers on his girlfriend or wife’s body lotion or face cream, stop right there! Besides being created for women in terms of formulation, scent and packaging, most of them can’t penetrate men’s skin. The first step to getting your own is figuring out your own skin type. If you tend to breakout and have razor bumps, chances are you have oily skin. Prone to redness, itching, peeling and rashes? You most likely have sensitive or dry skin. Do you break out and have oily areas in addition to dry patches? You probably have combination or acne-prone skin.
Oily Skin
A common mistake men with oily skin make is to assume that they don’t need a moisturizer. Oil and water are very different and even greasy skin. The trick is to use an oil-free or oil control moisturizer like Nivea For Men Whitening 10X Oil Control Moisturiser. Look for ingredients such as lactic acid, glycerine and hyaluronic acid that attract moisture to the skin without making it feel greasy.
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Dry Skin
You need a hefty dose of humectants (ingredients that hold on to moisture) if you have very dry, flaky skin. Look for formulas that are labelled ‘healing’ and contain ingredients such as Lanolin, Vitamin E and Petroleum. The consistency of such formulas will also be thicker creams rather than lightweight lotions. The Innisfree Forest For Men Moisture Lotion is a good start on the road of hydration.
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Sensitive Skin
If you happen to burn easily and are prone to redness, rashes and irritation, look for a moisturizing formula labelled ‘sensitive’ because they contain minimal skin irritants. Such formulas are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. The trick is look for a formula such as the O3+ Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel that effectively hydrates your skin, soothes rashes and gives it a nourishing glow.
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Combination Skin
Many men have combination skin – an oily forehead and chin but dry cheeks and neck. In that case the solution is to apply an oil-free moisturizer all over, like the Natio For Men Oil Free Moisturiser. You could also use two different ones, a regular one to the dry patches and a non-greasy one on the shiny areas.
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