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Yes, we get it. You think you’re too macho to dab on moisturizers and lotions. But, when it comes to grooming just a cursory wash and shave just won’t do it. It’s time to invest in a brand-new skincare routine if you want to put your best face forward. Here’s what you need…
Pure nostalgia is why this cult favorite’s our first pick. If there’s one thing that’s constant in life, it’s this: a classic that’s been handed down for generations. From its signature scent to the little blue tin, even the thick (not sticky) texture. Yes, mum did know best. Apply a layer to soothe, moisturize, undo sun damage, and even heal razor-burn.
Hit the jackpot when it comes to difficult skin? A forever glistening nose, an oily forehead but parched cheeks? You’re in luck cause this multitasker addresses your pain-points by targeting each concern. It’s non-comedogenic, so won’t clog pores and cause breakouts. Bid farewell to greasiness ’cause the oil-absorbing system tackles that too.
This one is enriched with Aloe Vera and Algae that protects and nourishes the skin, making it look younger. Plus, Vitamin C extracts firms and tightens loose skin. What's not to love!
Ask anyone who’s used this face gel and they’ll unanimously agree that it’s super hydrating, quickly absorbed and exceptionally light-weight. Let’s face it, if it’s made in France, it’s got to be par excellence, right? The paraben-free formula tested by dermatologists (of course) lights up your face in a radiant glow. What’s more, it leaves it moisturised for 24 hours straight.
You’ve got a busy life, hitting the gym at dawn, spending all day at the desk, shuffling between footy and the woman by dusk and then there’s catching up with the gang to chug. So, if you’re under 35, and oiliness is your arch nemesis, consider this your BFF – a soothing moisturizer with the benefits of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Chamomile, and Lavender extracts to rejuvenate and repair.
It’s always coffee, o’clock amirite? A huge shout-out all the caffeine addicts, if you thought your morning cuppa was your only go-to, think again. You’ll always have a strong whiff of your favorite beans with this hydrator that boasts of vitamin E and aloe too. It’s the game-changer that conditions your face for firmer, healthier skin with a super-supple texture. Need we say more?
Going back to basics is this cream from mama nature’s bounty. With a rich woody aroma, the all-in-one moisturizer is packed with all-natural, ayurvedic elements. Coconut and Olive oils deep condition the face, Sesame seeds protect against sun damage while Aloe dispels visible signs of aging. Pure and potent is the name of the game, we’d say.
This new brand on the block has been receiving quite a few accolades so it isn’t strange that it features on our list too. With a blend of ancient Ayurveda and modern ingredients the subsequent concoction is a free-flowing lotion that moisturizes the face, lightens the skin tone, and even prevents against sun damage. Apply it liberally once a day to reap results.
Found your pick yet?