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Beardspiration: A Gentleman’s Handbook

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Beards are the mark of manhood. The difference between boys and men. But like a bonsai, beards need patience, time and just the right level of nurturing. So what makes a beard (and the man owning it) sexy? It’s a combination of the right tools and products, and of course a diligent beard care routine.

Check out Nykaa’s go-to beard styles for men worthy of every face shape so that you look #BeardAmazing every single day!

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Shabby-n-Sexy Beard

Is that a thing? Absolutely! This (deceptively) shabbily maintained look suits Structured, Chiselled face shapes.

How to master this:

Let your beard grow to a length you desire, ideally about two inches past the chin ending in a perfect rounded shape. The moustache needs to blend in uniformly with the beard. Keep the shape by trimming one a week with Philips Beard Trimmer- QT4001/15 to maintain the exact length and evenly apply Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil to give your beard a healthy shine and a fresh citrusy fragrance.

The Befikre Boy Gang Beard

Just the beard style to instantly raise your swag quotient to another level. Ideal for Square, Oval or Round face shapes.

How to master this:

All you have to do is wait and wait lazily until your beard grows to a good length. But with long beards comes big responsibilities, so make sure you keep it clean and tidy. Use Beardo Beard Wash The Classic to cleanse and get rid of greasiness. Then religiously apply Beardo Hair Growth Oil to boost hair growth. Once fully grown, use the Beardo Neem Wooden Comb to eliminate frizz and create your own sleek mane heaven. Finally, for a touch of drama. Use Saint Beard & Moustache Wax to get those pointed ’stache ends. Voila!
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Stubble Does It

Now, to all those wolves on Wall Street and hustling professionals of their ilk. We know you want to look shaggy but presentable, and don’t have a ton of time to groom your whiskers. 

How to master this:

A stubble is easy to maintain and works really well to keep your style statement on point. Perfect for Oval and Square face shapes. Start by using Philips Aqua Touch S5050/06 Shaver For Men to maintain a medium level stubble and let your moustache blend in.  If your beard growth leaves a lot to be desired, use Saint Beard Growth Serum The Master Builder to make it denser and more out there. 

The Homeboy Look!

Appealing and boyish, this is the beard designed to make a hundred hearts skip a beat or two.

How to master this:

Basics never go out of style and this 7 o’ clock beard style is an evergreen statement to stick by. This looks best on Oval and Round face shapes. Start by finely trimming your beard using Braun Series 9 9299s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver With Charging Stand . Let your sideburns grow. Then trim them as they grow, allowing them to merge with your beard. Use a razor to keep the edges sharply defined with a slight curve. To pamper your delicate stubble you can use The Man Company Lavender & Cedarwood Beard Oil. Besides antiseptic properties, this oil has a refreshingly warm woody scent of cedar.
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No matter what beard style you choose, a perfect razor is essential to define your beard lines and we suggest you go with the best. We recommend The Shave Doctor 5 Blade + Trimmer Edge Hero Razor for a super smooth and precise shave with zero cuts and burns.
Nykaa Recommends: Philips Aqua Touch Electric Shaver For Men (S5050/06), Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil and Beardo Beard Wash The Classic 100ml
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