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14 Hair Waxes To Recreate Celeb-approved Hairstyles

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14 Hair Waxes To Recreate Celeb-approved Hairstyles

The popularity of the ‘old money’ aesthetic has only proved that hair styling has been at the core of men’s grooming from as early as the 1910s. Afterall, a good hairstyle ties a meticulous ensemble together, making you look every bit dapper.

That is why it’s recommended to use the right kind of styling products and tools to accumulate each and every strand into a slick hairdo. Due to this very reason, a hairstylist’s kitty is always incomplete without the best hair wax for men. A hair wax is a thick styling product that upholds and retains the shape of any hairstyle through the day. It also comes in various versions to cater to the different finish each hairstyle demands.

Without further ado, here are 14 best hair wax products for men with which you can recreate celeb-approved hairstyles!

Effortless, Messy Volume

Let’s start easy with a messy hairstyle. Also known as ‘bed hair’, this hairstyle takes minimal effort (read as: the perfect ‘running late’ hairstyle). In the typical sense, it’s the tossing and turning that gives the hair a voluminous zhuzh. But if you want to recreate it, you will need a powder-based hair wax. Sprinkle it to the roots and work it through your hair for an effortless messy volume. You can either use your fingers or a hair brush.

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Messy Bun

Has your hair growth journey reached that awkward mid-length phase? Don’t chop it. Try experimenting with mid-length hair styles like a messy bun. Warm up a pea-sized amount of hair wax and run it through your hair. Go for a hair wax that doesn’t have a very strong hold, yet will keep the hairstyle in place all day. The goal is to leave it looking laid-back and breezy with a few face-framing pieces. You can secure the bun with either a thin hair elastic or a few u-shaped pins for a more seamless look. If you want your messy bun to look more ‘beachy’ give your hair some waves with an iron curler before holding them in place with hair wax.

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Sleek, Wet Look

Leave it to b-town’s newbie, Vedang Raina to inspire you to try a sleek, wet look that is very reminiscent of Harvey Spectre’s hairstyle from the first season of Suits (2011) . This hairstyle is great for formal occasions. On damp hair, work a pea-sized amount of hair wax with a wet finish. To get that clean, combed finish you can use a fine-tooth comb for a polished look. We assure you, your black tie ensemble couldn’t get more chic!

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Salt-and-Pepper Quiff

The advantage of having salt-and-pepper hair is that you can add a lot of dimension and texture. Add more finesse by giving it a voluminous quiff. A few practised strokes of a blow dryer brush is all you need. Add a finishing touch with a strong-hold hair wax for sharper, stronger hold. Apply the hair wax with your index finger and thumb.. If you want to retain the volume throughout the day, take the hair wax between your palms and fingers and gently run it through the hair without disturbing the style.

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French Crop

If you’re of two minds between getting a crop and retaining a tuft, then why not give the French Crop a try? Popularised by Hollywood doyen Cillian Murphy – and brought to life by celebrity hair and makeup expert, Lauren Schiavo – the French Crop is your one-stop-shop to give your rugged sense of style a subdued undertone. While the nape and sides remain buzzed, you’re left with a generous volume around the crown that can be styled into a moussy, wavy hairdo.

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Like your hair away from your face but want to do it with style? Enter, braids. There are multiple ways to do braids – french braid, half up-half down, cornrows, and more! Braids add a fun touch to your casual OOTD and gym outfits. Give it a cleaner look by applying some hair wax to the lengths of the hair before you start braiding. If you have curly hair, keep adding a little amount of hair wax to your strands while braiding to tame any flyaways for a neat look.

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‘Clean Guy’ Look

Fans of quick and simple hairstyles that look neat? Then the ‘clean guy’ look is just the right fit for you. The ‘clean guy’ aesthetic is a Tik-tok fave that serves major inspiration to those who appreciate looking polished and minimal, and a slick-back combed hairstyle is the perfect cue for it. It’s also super simple to recreate. All you need is a pea-size amount of hair wax worked gently through damp hair. The dampness helps the hair wax absorb better and give your hair a clean finish.

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Here are some additional hair styling tips you can follow for a hairstyle that will make you look your best:

  • Supplement a good hair wax with quality hair tools.
  • Make sure to properly rinse your hair to remove buildup and residue.
  • If you want to try flattering hairstyles, make sure to also have a healthy hair care routine to maintain the hair’s health and appearance.
  • Make sure to not go overboard with styling products, otherwise it can clog the scalp and weigh your hair down. Also keep heat styling to a minimum to avoid hair damage.

What are you waiting for? Give your hairstyling routine an upgrade today!

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