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12 best trimmers for men in 2024 | Nykaa Man’s Grooming Advice

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‘Buzz’worthy: 12 Best Trimmers For Men

We may have bid goodbye to 2023, but the year has left us with some swoon-worthy hairstyles and beard looks that we can continue ushering into the new year. As always, our biggest source of inspiration this year, too, was the glitzy B-town where we saw a surge of bearded looks on dashing male superstars. But they’re not the only ones we’re showering praises on – the unsung hero behind slaying clean, sharp, and celeb-approved looks is the humble trimmer.

This compact electrical device is an absolute must-have to make grooming routine for men a hassle-free activity. It aids in cleaner, sharper beards and hairstyles while also doubling as a quick hair remover. However, like all good things, trimmers too come in abundance. So, in a sea of best beard trimmers for men, we’re going to guide you through 12 of the best picks we can vouch for!

1. Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer For Men

This budget-friendly trimmer is perfect for easy and minimal grooming sessions. It has an ergonomic grip with a nozzle-shaped blade to trim away strands from the ears, nostrils, and eyebrows. Additionally, the Andis NT-1 trimmer is suitable for both wet and dry trims. While the blade itself is made of surgical quality rust-proof stainless steel, it comes with a protective cap to keep it extra safe and hygienic. Furthermore, it’s powered by AA batteries, making it a convenient addition to your travel kit.

2. Feather Men Multi Hair Razor Trimmer Hair Density Reducer Shaver

An easy-to-use shaver is best when you want a quick fix. Rather than being an electronic trimmer, The Feather Men Multi Hair Razor acts more like a traditional manual trimmer that helps you get rid of stray hair on the face (beard line, brows, and moustache) quickly. It also comes with a comb guard for added precision. You can also reuse the trimmer – all you have to do is maintain cleanliness and switch the blades after 5–10 uses.

Nykaa Man also recommends:

3. Bombay Shaving Company Power Play Trimmer

This one’s for all of you who are sticklers for sharp lines and a seamless trim. This sleek trimmer comes with four combs for different lengths. So, whether you want to grow out a thick, luscious beard or retreat to your ‘clean-shaven’ avatar, this trusty trimmer will see you through them with finesse. This also has the added convenience of a charger so that you get 90 minutes of uninterrupted grooming. Its meticulous design and stainless steel blades also promise minimum tugs and cuts.

4. VEGA 4 In 1 Beard Trimmer (VHTH-35)

Precision backed with sleek style? Yes, please! The Vega VHTH-35 comes with two comb and two blade attachments. The T-blade removes excess growth while the smaller design blade is meant for precise detailing and sharpness. Both the comb attachments also differ in length to cater to different beard growths. With a 45-minute runtime, you wouldn’t have to worry about abrupt pauses getting in the way of your styling or grooming routine.

5. Beardo Incrediball Trimmer For Men Intimate Grooming Tool Men Ball Trimmer

Want to stay groomed ‘down there’? Made specifically for the nether region, the Beardo Incrediball Trimmer is equipped with a ceramic blade and designed with Skin Safe Technology to shave away pubic hair without leaving behind ingrown strands or nasty cuts. The water-resistant trimmer is easy to clean, ensuring proper and hygienic maintenance of the trimmer.

6. Braun Series 3 310 Electric Shaver, Wet & Dry Rechargeable and Cordless Razor

Hard-to-reach angles can make your beard look unkempt. The Series 3 310 Electric Shaver by Braun is designed to get into every nook and cranny of the face with ease. It gently plucks out excess growth without damaging the skin’s surface, giving you a super-clean trim.

7. ZLADE Ballistic Manscaping Body Trimmer With Extra Heads

Who doesn’t love multi-tasking products? As the name suggests, the Zlade Ballistic Manscaping Body does it all! From precise beard looks to smooth chest area, this handy essential comes with two grooming heads with Safe Edge Technology. It’s also wireless with a run time of 60 minutes after full charge.

8. Agaro WD Trimmer - 851 Shaver

Are you a fan of a suave, clean-shaven look? If yes, you can ace your formal looks with the Agaro WD Trimmer. Couple this with a nourishing, foamy cream for a wet shave or clip away unwanted hair with a few quick dry strokes – you won’t have to fear any harsh pulls or nicks. The blade head has a 360-degree skin close foil for a shave as close to the skin as possible without any irritation or inflammation.

9. Beardo Ninja-X Vacuum Trimmer

Ugh, you know that annoying, icky feeling when stray hair gets caught in a trimmer, hindering its performance? Well, you wouldn’t know it with the Beardo Ninja-X Vaccum Trimmer! This is the best option if you want a trimmer with longevity. It has two vacuum settings so that it picks up all the trimmed strands while you shave. Don’t worry, you can open the back of the device to discard all the fuzz.

10. Alan Truman ATOM 505 Professional Cordless Clipper

Want to upgrade your noisy trimmer to a silent one? Alan Truman’s ATOM 505 Cordless Clipper is lightweight and comes with a motor that cuts out all that noise. What’s more, it’s designed with carbon-steel blades and has a run time of 3 hours to help you get the groomed look you want.

11. VEGA Professional Pro Maestro Professional Hair Trimmer (VPPHT-08)

If you want to go splurge on yourself, lay your hands on the VEGA Professional Pro Maestro Hair Trimmer. Steering away from classic black, it boasts a dual-toned body of matte khaki green and beige. Plus, it also comes with a stand. The Japanese stainless-steel blades are the best asset to help you try a plethora of bearded looks. It helps with close shaving for sharper lines. Not just that, its lithium-ion battery enables the trimmer to function for four hours on a 90-minute full charge.

12. Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65

If you want to become your own hair stylist and groomer, then go pro with the Philips Multi Grooming Kit. This is yet another premium option that comes with an impressive array of 11 grooming heads – 8 comb heads, a detail trimmer, a body shaver, and a nose trimmer. From quick trims to a full grooming session, this multi-tasking grooming must-have is great for your face, hair, and body.

We hope this guide helps you pick the best trimmer for your needs. Go forth and take your pick to make your grooming routine a class apart.

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