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Biggest Hair Trends That Aren’t Getting Old

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We bet you’re either blessed with tresses that express, or you desire expressing though them. Picking from sparking trends of buzzcuts, frosted pixies, fade and taper and what not – It’s nothing but a challenge. Your strands are extremely symbolic and are speaking volumes about you. Gear up, hair experimentation isn’t only a woman’s right. Here are some of our top faves and what they say.
Biggest Hair Trends That Arent Getting Old - 1
Man bun
Let’s just say you’ve been living under a rock if you still haven’t spotted a man bun somewhere in the media. A man bun is artsy. Sure, it gets hair off your face. Especially those with long hair. (Lumberjacks, are you listening?) Let’s not get started with the blistering heat. It’s easy peasy to bag.
Variations: Tie those strands up with a help of a hair tie, however you may please. Low, medium, high. It’s all good.
All about you: Artsy and experimental.
Maintain using: Palmer's Wet Look Styling Gel Tube for Men for a punch of shine.
Man bob
And you thought only you could pull off a bob or lob? Catch your man strut in a sleek middle or side-parted man bob and you’ll have a re-think. What began on the streets by skaters, spread like wildfire. Now this hairstyle strikes big for its subtle sex appeal. Um, perhaps it’s time we borrow a hair tie or two?
Variations: You’ve got all options that women have. A short bob, an asymmetrical one or a lob. Dive into it!
All about you: Progressive and expressive.
Maintain using: Beardo Argan for extra conditioning.
Biggest Hair Trends That Arent Getting Old - 2
Biggest Hair Trends That Arent Getting Old - 3
Crew cut
This one’s relatively simple, but doesn’t compromise on character. With the top of the hair trimmed short and rest of the hair even shorter. Best part(s)? Flaunts more of your face, goes well with all face shapes AND on men with all age groups. No wonder it’s the timeless classic. Frequent trimming is all it takes to maintain this style.
Variations: Since there’s not many variations with this one, yours can stand out with thick sideburns or a tapered nape.
All about you: Mature, athletic and practical.
Maintain using: Gatsby Styling Wax Mat & Hard Hair Styler for rich texture.
Bald is fun, and graceful. Weather you’ve gone bald or wish to go bald for a style statement, That.Shit.Looks.Daring.AF. What’s not to love about that? The ultimate no-muss-no-fuss style. Who said a bald scalp does not need maintenance or care?
Variations: Sport it with a clean shave or a experiment a well groomed beard.
All about you: Carefree and comfortable with self.
Maintain using: Sunscreen like Innisfree Forest For Men No Sebum Sunblock to protect your scalp from the sun.
Biggest Hair Trends That Arent Getting Old - 4
Biggest Hair Trends That Arent Getting Old - 5
Side parting
This isn’t as easy as it sounds. We aren’t indicating towards slicking a comb to create a side parting of a  hairstyle you have. Even though this one’s the most sincere and comes in various lengths, it is indeed technical. Nothing like a man with a flattering and well maintained side parting. What are you waiting for?
Variations: It can be as clean cut or bold as you may like.
All about you: Dependable, sincere and professional.
Maintain using: Mojo Hair Clay for some serious styling! 
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