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Expert Tips To Grow And Maintain A Moustache

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There’s no denying there’s something manly about moustaches. It’s that one facial adornment that instantly confers maturity to the most baby-faced visages. Whether you’re growing one for Movember or simply trying to hide a rose bud pout, the fact is that they’re on trend at the moment. Whatever your ‘tache of choice, from a full-on Magnum, a horseshoe or a simple after-eight, an impressive Mo takes time to train and manage. Check out the grooming rules to make the best of your manly style.

Clean And Scrub

Nothing is more disgusting than a stinky, grimy and bedraggled Mo. Just as product build up can make the hair on your head dull, food particles can build up leaving an unpleasant odor. So, what’s a guy to do? Remember to scrub all facial hair well with your regular facial wash like the Ponds Men Pollution Out Face Wash.

Trim It Right

In the early days the best way to trim it is with a trusty pair of clippers or a beard trimmer like Philips QT4005-15 Pro Advanced Trimmer. However, a month down the line, you should graduate to a pair of quality facial hair scissors like Kaiv Beard And Moustache Scissor - SCI3300 to trim around the mouth.

Shampoo & Condition

Anyone who has sported a four-day beard knows that facial hair tends to be very coarse. If it stays long enough on your face it can cause skin dryness and itching. The solution lies in the use of an effective two-in- one shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the Ustraa Woody Beard Wash(60ml) and The Legend Valiant Beard Conditioner(100ml).

Care To Comb

If you want to be known as the moustache man, invest in a moustache comb like Beardo Beard Shaping & Styling Tool Comb. This useful, nifty tool evenly distributes moustache wax, helps you part your moustache in the middle and comes in handy when you want to trim strays.

Moisturize Under It

Like the skin on your scalp, the upper lip is also prone to dryness and itching. In fact, the skin underneath your Mo can become exceptionally dry as hair draws moisture from skin. To prevent moustache dandruff, moisturize the skin under your moustache daily using the Kama Ayurveda Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream.
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