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Freedom from hair fall forever!

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If you’ve noticed shedding in the bath tub or clumps on the hair brush, we feel for you. Hair fall can strike at any age—even your early 20s—and while you can cover up by switching up your style, using a volumizing shampoo and even wearing a cap, it’s time to take action. But there’s nothing manly about sporting a bald pate. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to reduce, even stop, hair fall in its tracks.
Here are the top six best hair loss treatment products for men.
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1. Yves Rocher Anti- Hair Loss White Lupin Stimulating Shampoo

This super reliable shampoo is designed to gently wash your hair and stimulate the blood’s circulation for yout scalp at the same time. With extra resistance, your hair gradually proceeding to get thicker and stronger. Also, it helps recover its strength and vitality for healthy looking hair.

2. Richfeel Hair Loss Reduction Combo Kit

The brainchild of India’s first trichologist couple Apoorva and Sonal Shah, this oil is enriched with an active blend of essential oils to fight hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth. It strengthens follicles and roots, reduces hair breakage and promotes hair growth. Apply on scalp and let its work through the night. Shampoo as usual the next morning.
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3. Livon Hair Gain Tonic With Advanced Root Energisers

Now you can stop worrying about hair fall thanks to this breakthrough formulation that addresses hair fall and stimulates hair growth in just 90 days! The product balances the growth and resting phase of hair, prevents follicle shrinkage and stimulates growth.

4. Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Now get a shampoo which strengthens the hair roots with daily use! Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo is an unique formula which increases hair's resistance against exposure to daily pollution and heat.
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5. Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibre - Dark Brown

While this is not a hair fall rescue formula, it does help mask thinning hair (while you wait for it to grow back).  Think of it as a DIY instant hair transplant that makes hair look thicker instantly. That disturbing bald patch disappears in seconds and stays that way till your next shampoo. Electrostatically charged to bond with your existing hair and instantly make it look thicker and fuller. Doesn’t stain or smear.
Just remember that your hair is like a delicate houseplant; it needs constant nourishment and care. Just because it starts reviving with these potent hair regrowth products doesn’t mean you should neglect it when things start looking good.
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