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Pre-Wedding Grooming Guide for Men

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Wedding preparations are not your beloved one’s territory alone. This means, there is absolutely no reason for you to not go that extra mile. After all, you’ve got to have the spotlight too.

From what to how, we’ve got you covered with our wedding preparation guide for men.

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Nothing will centre you more than having a complete stranger hold a blade to your throat. Nerves not strong enough? Opt The Shave Doctor’s five step shaving regime: Start with The Shave Doctor Shave Gel Oil(100ml). Follow through with The Shave Doctor Shave Creme, The Shave Doctor 5 Blade + Trimmer Edge Hero Razor, The Shave Doctor Aftershave Cooling Gel.


Nope, it’s not a pass. Let’s face it. On your wedding day, all eyes will be on your face and hands, than at any other moment of your life. And even if you’re okay with jagged nails and ragged cuticles, your bride definitely won’t be. Take your pick of a Franck Provost Homme The Barb' Xpert Men's Manicure Kit - Steel and primp in the privacy of your own home.
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Don’t make the classic rookie blunder and overlook the obvious. Kajol might have got away with it but it’s unlikely you will. Pluck that unibrow! And remember, nothing will distract your wedding guests and ruin the video/photos than nose hair. Get a trimmer already! We suggest Philips NT1120/10 Nose & Hair Trimmer (Black)


Surprisingly this is one of those things that will actually relax you, along with that manicure. But this is a must especially if you’re struggling with an uneven skin tone, flaking or blackheads that you just can’t scrub away. Say bye bye to sluggish skin that comes from poor diet, alcohol, smoking and pollution.Either opt for one at your neighbourhood salon or get a DIY kit.
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Another wedding prep essential, a good relaxing—or deep tissue massage—to ease all those pre-wedding jitters. After all, you’ve gamely gone along with all that wedding planning talk (and tantrums), so you’ve earned this. Enjoy! Just pick up a relaxing massage oil like Mantra Herbal Clove & Cinnamon Herbal Body Massage Oil For Men and dial your regular masseuse.


Using a specialist whitening formula like Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Fresh Gel. This breakthrough herbal formulation gently removes surface stains on your teeth. For a more lasting result you could even get them professionally whitened. Ward off those stains and flash that smile and head to that date, reunion, interview or just a day out.
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If you’re not about trying a new style a couple days before your wedding, fret not.. What you can do is get an upscale trim a month before the wedding to give you enough time to outgrow an accident. With of a little trim here or there, you can sport a new look to pair with that outfit you’ve been longing to get into. Once it’s tested and approved repeat a week before the wedding.


Honeymoon on the beach? Sure you both love each other ,but if none of you have affection towards your hairy backs, waxing is an option. Besides which, you could also invest in a body trimmer like Nova NG 1175 100% Water Proof All In One Head To Toe Multigroomer Grooming Kit For Men
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Looking your best for the big day is non-negotiable. You want to feel your best for your wedding. Hiring a personal trainer means be spoke experience, the one best for YOU. Discuss your goals, set them and get ready to achieve. The honeymoon could be your last big feel-your-best motivation. Get going!
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