Summer Saviors: Deodorants For Every Man

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Let’s face it, looking great means smelling great too. Especially, when humidity has you clammy, and sweaty underarms are par for the course. No points for guessing, what over-active sweat glands are capable of, and the nose flinching aftermath of all that perspiration. Aka Body Odor. And this repugnant situation calls for… an effective, long lasting deodorant with the hardiest anti-perspirant formulation. Unfortunately, many people jump straight to a cologne and skip using a deodorant completely. If you’re guilty of doing this, let us tell you — you’ve got it wrong. It’s actually the deodorant that conceals body odor by fighting off odor-inducing bacteria, and in many cases even calms down over-active sweat glands. In fact, perfume is only an add on.

Add these sturdy summer deodorant picks to your cart and come out smelling like (manly) roses!

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Cool Off With Davidoff
If refreshing is the scent you’re going for, your search ends here. Davidoff Cool Water All Over Body Spray is not only the scent you need but the one you definitely deserve. The top note of the fragrance is enhanced with a blend of Grapefruit and Sichuan Pepper, the heart is a mix of aromatic Juniper Berries and Birch Leaf and the base is dominated by Sandalwood and Patchouli. All these vibrant ingredients make this deodorant a favourite on our list.
Get Rollin’ With Nivea
We all know how sweat it can get under your arms. And, sweat patches on shirts is such an unseemly look. Don’t sweat it (pun intended)! We have just the right recommendation for you — Nivea Fresh Active Longlasting Freshness Ocean Extracts Deodorant. The roll on has an antiperspirant formula that controls underarm sweat and helps control body odour. The highlight is that it also protects the sensitive underarm skin with its no alcohol content and Nivea Man Care Complex technology.
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Go Classic With Yardley

When it doubt, choose a classic scent. Our pick for you: Yardley London Gentleman Classic spray. If the packaging isn’t tempting you already, it’s warm woody base will definitely get you pumped. To top it off, the scent is absolutely WOW — luxurious, masculine and sophisticated to the T. Needless to say, the scent will revitalize you as well as boost your confidence. It’s a gentleman’s pick for a reason. Wear it to work or the next party that you’re invited to.

Work It Right With Nike

Wondering if you’re coming on too strong (scent-wise) at work? It can be stressful trying to straddle that line between too much or too little. Thank god for the Nike Red Man Deo Spray that will keep you energised and refreshed all day long. This spicy woody fragrance has Citrus as its top note, Cinnamon and Cardamom at its heart and Rosewood and Patchouli as the base. No wonder it’s a summer blessing packed in a bottle. Did we mention that it’s long-lasting too? You’ll work better when you smell wonderful. Win-win in our book!

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Balance It Out With Beverly Hills

One common myth that always does the rounds is: every man has to wear a woody scent. We think a well-balanced fragrance suits the personality of every man. This is why Beverly Hills Polo Club Sport 1 Deodorant Spray makes it to our list of summer scents. Pamplemousse Tangerine and Lemon are enhanced with the aroma of Lavender and spiced with Cardamom to create this charismatic scent. Bonus: Its formula keeps away perspiration and body odor for a really really long time. We aren’t lying when we say it’s going to be a winner with the ladies.

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