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The Best Hardworking Sunscreens For Men

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First things first: Sunscreens aren’t just meant for the ladies. In fact, it is probably the most powerful weapon you can have in your summer grooming arsenal. So, while the hot tropical summers could be a great time to show off your beach-ready bod, it can also rage havoc on your skin. Think: tanning, premature aging, pigmentation and even skin cancer in a lot of cases. Yikes. Enter sunscreens that safely shield you from the sun, offer a broad-spectrum coverage, block both kinds of UV rays and prevent your skin from resembling a pair of old leather boots. What’s more: the newer formulations are the perfect blend of hydration and sun protections—sans those pesky white residues. Here’s the checklist.

The Man Company Sunscreen Anti-Pollution Lotion For Men

This sunscreen lotion from The Man Company is just the multi-tasking product you have been looking for. Formulated with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Allantoin and Wheat Germ Oil, it acts as a shield to all the pollutants out there; plus, gives complete protection from harmful UV rays, combats acute skin dryness, wrinkles and also promotes regeneration of cell tissues. Brownie points for the light-weight texture that sinks in easily, without leaving any residue behind. Buy it already!

Ustraa Sports Sunscreen For Men (Zinc) Spf 50++

The Ustraa Sports Sunscreen For Men offers one of the best water- and sweat-resistant formulas, ideal for athletes. The oil-free formulation is infused with Cucumber and Mint, that absorbs fast and doesn’t budge even when you sweat. The broad-spectrum SPF 50++ protects skin from the harmful UV rays. PS: It’s free from Paraben and Sulfate.

Lotus Herbals PhytoRx UV Defence Sunblock SPF 100

If you are really concerned about keeping those rays at a bay, this Lotus Herbals PhytoRx UV Defence Sunblock SPF 100 is like a beach umbrella on a bottle. The lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreen is packed with antioxidants like Green Tea Extract that forms a protective layer to protect skin damage from pollutants and external environmental elements; not to mention shields the skin collagen to help prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure. We recommend taking this on your next beach vacay.

Innisfree Forest For Men No Sebum Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++

This one’s godsend for oily skin. This sebum-controlling sunblock is enriched with Jeju Gotjawal Phytoncide that protects men's skin from harmful environmental stresses and fights the signs of fatigue. Oh, and it comes armed with SPF 50++ that protects skin from harmful UV rays. Most of all you will enjoy that it doesn’t feel goopy or weigh your skin down.

VLCC 3D Youth Boost SPF40 Sun Screen Gel Crème

A lot of sunscreens feel like plaster on your skin. Not this one though. The VLCC 3D Youth Boost SPF40 Sun Screen Gel Crème is a blend of Saxifraga Extract, Morbus Bombycis Extract, Ceramide III & Vitamin B3, that works effectively to maintain skin elasticity & firmness, hydrates the skin while fading dark spots & reduces skin pigmentation for an even skin tone. What’s not to like!
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